Dispatches from behind the Fourth Wall

the scenes at Fourth Wall Studios

Somebody in the office is a ~little obsessed with remote controlled helicopters.. 

How do some of the fine folks at Fourth Wall keep themselves sane during particularly slow (or any) day? Easy, by a little game called Helicopter Jousting. No, it’s not some sort of aerial death match with Elan and Scott riding motorized, flying horses (although we all wish those actually existed). We’re talking about remote controlled helicopters and a score to settle… at least some time to kill. 

The object is simple (kinda): two helicopters go up, one comes down. Each ‘copter has a string attached to the bottom. You want to get your string tied up in the other persons motor. Watch it in action! Video shot by Johnny Shin. 

*No business development employees were harmed in the making of this video.