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From the mind of Jay Bushman…

The Surface of Mars parody twitter account. 2,500+ followers and Tumblr 10,000+ posts later… the red planet is getting a lot of love.

Digital Paper and Super Moonwalking — Show and Tell: July 12th

Every week us Fourth Wallians like to get together for a little Show and Tell. Each week someone different from the office SHOWS us some interesting projects they’ve seen or worked on and TELLS us about them. Then Elan SHOWS us the door and TELLS us to go back to work. Not really but what if, you guys!?

This week our super cool, possibly superhuman recruiter Hal Hefner shared with us something really cool. In addition to helping us get the best employees in the world, he also writes and illustrates comics. He recently ordered what’s called “digital paper” for a transmedia project he’s working on. It’s a little screen that plays a video clip that relates to his story. The company told Hal he was one of the first people in the US to use this technology! 

We also like to share funny, interesting and enlightening things we’ve seen around the W.W.Web. This week: Super Moonwalk, a time shattering conversation, and a people worshiping a vending machine. ENJOY!

A Conversation with my 12 Year Old Self

How Animals See the World

Spoilers!: New Iron Man Costume

Delites Vending Machine

Valve Engine - Jurassic Park

Nike “Game On” Commercial

The Ivy League Hustle

The Dark Knight and 60’s Robin Team up to Fight Bane

The Dark Knight Trailer narrated by Pee Wee Herman

How do some of the fine folks at Fourth Wall keep themselves sane during particularly slow (or any) day? Easy, by a little game called Helicopter Jousting. No, it’s not some sort of aerial death match with Elan and Scott riding motorized, flying horses (although we all wish those actually existed). We’re talking about remote controlled helicopters and a score to settle… at least some time to kill. 

The object is simple (kinda): two helicopters go up, one comes down. Each ‘copter has a string attached to the bottom. You want to get your string tied up in the other persons motor. Watch it in action! Video shot by Johnny Shin. 

*No business development employees were harmed in the making of this video.

Dirty Work launched this week. We had a little party. Was there a mariachi band? Yes. Was there cake? Also, yes. Is the sound on this video a little spotty? Yes, but the video is still a lot of fun. Enjoy! 

Also… try to guess who’s taking the video.

Horse-face returns in a new management-type role

This is from Sean in Cannes…
New media moves up in the world - mipcube now serving mousse/cherry/gold leaf thingies

Zach’s Birthday Piñata Slamtacular! (photo by Justin Reynard)

Adam Hendricks pre-weekly meeting ritual. SPOILER ALERT: no chickens were sacrificed.